Knowledge Powered CTI with InGenius and RightAnswers


Video Transcript:

InGenius and RightAnswers – by Upland Software – combines knowledge management with phone and CRM integration, by putting phone controls and a powerful Knowledge Base at your agent’s fingertips. Delivering the best-in-class experience throughout the customer lifecycle 


Let’s see it in action. First, with Salesforce. 


We’re an agent with an incoming call.  Before the call is connected, InGenius pops the customer’s information. With all the account information at our fingertips, we save time and determine that the caller needs to link a new bank account to their profile, so let’s use a call log template to quickly note that in InGenius. All the interactions with the InGenius UI will be automatically logged in the CRM when this call is resolved. 


Now let’s switch over to ServiceNow 


Using RightAnswers in the CRM, we can automatically search multiple repositories – with the most relevant solutions linked the CRM window. Let’s see the same thing in Microsoft Dynamics. Solutions can be followed, shared, edited, authored, and commented on – with helpful solutions being automatically resolved in the CRM, when they’re marked as helpful. 


As an agent, we’re now able to quickly provide knowledgeable, consistent and accurate service, while resolving more calls, faster. InGenius and RightAnswers helps service teams by reducing clicks and data entry, leading to improved customer satisfaction and more informed decision making from managers.  


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