Microsoft Dynamics 365 with InGenius Telephony Integration

InGenius® enables Microsoft Dynamics® 365 users to increase their productivity and outbound call capacity with features such as click-to-dial, screen pop, automatic call logging and screen transfer. Get a complete view of call interactions for analysis and decision making.

Video Transcript

InGenius Connector Enterprise enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to increase productivity while creating world-class customer experiences.

The intuitive InGenius user interface is integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics, which means fewer clicks, increased productivity and exceptional voice interactions.

This is Tom. He works in the sales department at Zap Electric. Day to day, Tom needs to quickly dial through a list of leads and speak with prospects. With click-to-dial, Tom doesn’t need to leave the Microsoft Dynamics 365 window, or waste time misdialing from a desk phone. He’s now able to make a lot more calls and with the intelligent dialing feature, click-to-dial always works regardless of the calling code or format of the phone number.

All of Tom’s phone controls are right in the CRM window, eliminating the need to switch between applications or dial by hand. He can see the call duration, transfer calls and add notes with configurable call log templates.

Right now, Tom is on a call with a prospect who needs to be transferred to the account manager. Using screen transfer, the call, Tom’s call notes, related entities and open records are popped on the account manager’s screen, so the prospect doesn’t need to repeat any information. Once the call is transferred, Tom chooses a pre-defined wrap-up code and logs the call in the CRM.

This is Maria. She works in the service department of Zap Electric. If Maria receives a call, her screen pops the caller’s info by matching the caller ID. Key details about the caller are now at Maria’s fingertips, making for a faster and more personal business interaction.

Maria is able to quickly create incidents using click-to-create and can easily log all call information, ensuring that customer interactions are logged and tracked.

Sales and service managers can enhance reporting with call data and performance metrics within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboard. InGenius lets you see all touch points, enabling a comprehensive view of the customer interaction. For more information, visit us today at

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