InGenius Preview Dialer for Cisco UCCE

InGenius® Connector Enterprise with Preview Dialer for Cisco® Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) provides contact center agents with context before calls connect. The Preview Dialer improves agent productivity and puts them in a better position to make a sale.

Video Transcript

For contact center agents, having context before a call connects has a significant impact on the success of their interactions. InGenius Connector Enterprise with Preview Dialer provides this advanced capability. It’s available now for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Salesforce.

Our preview dialer automatically presents information about each outgoing call in a campaign, allowing agents to review information before placing the call. Agents can quickly dial through a campaign and can make meaningful connections with each person they’re calling. A preview dialer is ideal for contact centers with outbound sales workflows. Let’s take a look.

A campaign has been configured within Cisco UCCE to enable preview dialing. The preview dialer delivers the first lead to the sales rep, Michael. He reviews the prospect’s information and learns that the client is a long-standing repeat customer. Michael simply clicks to place the call knowing that he is prepared.

Michael has the option to defer a call if the information shown indicates that the conditions aren’t yet right for a conversation. For example, it might be too late to call this customer, based on their location.

InGenius with Preview Dialer delivers the important information Michael needs so he can prepare for each call, maximizing the chances of turning a prospect into a customer.

Outbound call centers can make calls more quickly and agents are better prepared for each call. For more information, visit us at

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