Screen Transfer by InGenius

Screen transfer by InGenius® helps customer service and support organizations keep customers happy and agents productive. Information captured and logged by an agent, as well as the phone call itself, can easily be transferred to any subsequent agents so that customers never have to repeat information.

Video Transcript

InGenius Connector Enterprise integrates your existing phone system with Salesforce to provide features such as click-to-dial, screen pop, call logging and screen transfer, all with no desktop installation. World-class customer service and support organizations use InGenius to ensure happy customers and productive agents.

Screen transfer allows your agents to transfer more than just the call. Here is a customer support agent, Ashley, accepting a call. While on the call, Ashley relates the call to the caller’s contact and the caller’s account. She also looks up information on the caller’s case and adds some more details in the call log.

On realizing that this customer is reporting a bug, she transfers the call to Rick in second-line support. When Rick receives the call, Ashley’s navigated page is passed and popped, along with the call’s related records and Ashley’s notes. Rick is now well equipped with helping this customer and doesn’t have to re-interview the caller, increasing customer satisfaction and saving time.

Both Ashley’s call and Rick’s call are logged within the related records.

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