ServiceNow with InGenius Telephony Integration

Upland InGenius connects ServiceNow® with your phone system, providing features like screen pop and call logging, which result in a smooth customer experience. Only InGenius quickly and easily meets your unique contact center needs with next generation CTI.

Video Transcript

Upland InGenius connects the ServiceNow CSM, ITSM and HR modules with your telephone system, providing features like click-to-dial, screen pop and call logging, resulting in a highly productive agent experience.

InGenius quickly and easily meets the unique needs of your service, IT or HR call center, with no changes to your existing phone system required. InGenius effortlessly adapts to the workflow requirements of your business, allowing you to choose what information to search for, what record to screen pop on, what record to log information to. Only InGenius offers this level of workflow flexibility, so agents can focus on providing world-class service and support.

This is Anna. She provides support for inbound calls. When she receives a call, her screen pops a record by matching the caller ID or IVR information. The caller’s details are now at Anna’s fingertips, allowing her to provide a warm start to the call. She’s able to see the call duration and the caller’s interaction history.

All of Anna’s phone controls are inside the InGenius window in ServiceNow. She can reduce her number of clicks and avoid fumbling with a desk phone.

Using click-to-dial, Anna can click any number on screen to call it. She never needs to leave the ServiceNow window or waste time misdialing.

Anna can easily enter relevant notes and information using configurable call log templates. And when the call is over, she chooses a wrap-up code and logs the call in ServiceNow. InGenius allows Anna’s managers to view enhanced reports like call data and performance metrics within the ServiceNow dashboard.

Anna is also able to use InGenius with the ServiceNow Agent Workspace view. This allows incoming calls to automatically pop, and pre-fill a new Interaction Record. From there, Anna is able to use InGenius, and with a single click, create new cases and incidents that will be logged against the Interaction record for that call–further optimizing her Agent Workspace experience.

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