UWM Improves NPS 23% with InGenius and Salesforce

United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), a leading lender with 17,000 clients, used Salesforce® Omni-Channel and InGenius® to increase NPS by 23% and reduce case resolution time from one day to 3 hours. UWM improved their teams’ productivity and client experience by integrating their phone, chat and case teams into one holistic team with InGenius blended agent.

Video Transcript

How’s everyone doing? Good? Having a good day? Great. United Wholesale Mortgage has been with InGenius for almost the past 5 years now. We compared them against some of the biggest players in the market when looking for a telephony solution, and I’m just proud to say and thankful that we ended up with InGenius and the wonderful team they have. They’ve just been tremendous for everything that we do.

But we’re a very large wholesale mortgage company. We have over 2,800 people in one location. It’s a little bit of a different business model than most people have. Most people in the wholesale mortgage space have account executives that are out in the field. Again, we have one office in Pontiac, Michigan, where everybody’s there. So we needed ways that we could communicate with our clients better and provide that high level of client service.

So, we had some big problems. We had some very rapid growth, so we needed a partner that could expand as we expanded across the country. And so, being able to put everything into one platform, and put visibility into all of our interactions with all of our clients into one space, which was Salesforce, was very important to us.

So, not only do we have our salespeople, but we now have all of our operations people on the InGenius platform combined with Salesforce to communicate with all of our clients. The solution was the blended agent experience.

So, as you can see here, this is exactly what my agents are seeing. When they go and log into their Salesforce for the day, they’re checking in, meaning they’re able to now take work. And being able to work in one location from multiple channels is what really made us a game-changer over the last year.

Last year for us was the year of client service. It’s something we need to focus on. So trying to find better ways to partner with people like InGenius really helped us to get to this point where we now have blended agents in almost all of our company. So they’re able to take web-to-case, email-to-case, phone calls, chats, everything inside one environment. And that’s all due again to the InGenius platform.

Our NPS has skyrocketed. So I’m almost embarrassed to actually say the number because people don’t believe it, but we are actually at an 87% NPS score. And I know that compared to most people that are really high, like Disney and places like that are in the 67, but we are very confident in our score, and how we’re modeling that. And really bringing in this experience, again, has helped us to get to that point.

So imagine being able to tell your sales reps that are now, you know, taking 20, maybe 25 cases a day to now raise that bar. We may be able to raise that bar up to 30, 35 and 40 for some individuals that are high performers because now they’re not just waiting for phone calls, or someone’s not just waiting for chats to come in. They’re now, again, taking that across all the different channels. So now all the agents can take chats, emails, everything all in one spot.

One of the stories I always like to tell is in the mortgage business, we have lots of problems. You know, there’s lots of issues with loans. The technology is very, very complicated.

This is just one example up here of, you know, 600 cases a month would come in. And now we’re able to go pinpoint what those issues are, and actually make a full technology correction to our platform, which has now in some examples brought it down to about 20 cases a month. And now that’s just countless, you know, opportunities that we’ve had. That’s just one example.

We do this every single week, and every single month, we pull these metrics, we look at exactly what’s coming in, what’s flowing into the system, and then again, go make those corrective actions. Without having everything all in one place, you can’t really do that, and you’re just going to keep taking an abundance of calls, and you’re going to keep adding people to your call center. Well, you’ve got to use technology to be smarter and that’s, again, what we have been able to do with this platform.

And I got a couple of quick stories here from my team back at United Wholesale. This guy is a leader. So at our company, we basically have no more than 8 people reporting to a leader. We’ve now been able to put the leaders, that full visibility, that 360-degree view of exactly what’s going on.

So this guy is actually one of our newer leaders as well and, again, he had trouble managing the team off of spreadsheets and basic reports. And so now that we’ve put this in and we’re actually now using Einstein to actually filter a lot of call data into the leader’s views.

And just to expand on how else we’re using Einstein along with the InGenius platform is with our account executives. So we have over 500 people in our sales team. And those 500 people need to know what they’re doing every single day. And we don’t count loans that come in the door at our company. That’s not how our account executives are measured. That’s how they’re paid, but that’s not how they’re measured. They’re measured on their effort. And the only way to measure on effort is, again, to use solutions like this to get there.

So imagine we hold them accountable to making a phone call to every client once every 10 days. We then hold them accountable to making a connection with that person once every 15 days. And by being able to pull those things into that, again, that analytics dashboard through this platform, it’s now made our sales team much more efficient.

So imagine, you know, again, we’re trying to work with 30,000 clients across the country from one location. And you have to have a platform that can do it, and you have to have something that’s scalable, and InGenius has been able to do that for us. So we appreciate you guys and thank you very much for having me.

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