What is CTI?

In this video, the InGenius® team talks about computer telephony integration (CTI) technology, which is is primarily used in contact centers for desktop interactions that improve agent productivity.

Video Transcript

InGenius are world leaders in something called CTI, and that stands for computer telephony integration.

CTI at its core is simply connecting a customer relationship management system with telephony. It’s essentially a mirroring of the phone on the desktop, and the key goal if you do it right, your hand never has to leave your mouse or keyboard.

What that does is it makes agents much more efficient. Instead of answering the phone and hanging up, and then trying to remember what the customer said and taking notes, everything happens while they’re on the phone call and everything is logged automatically into the CRM.

So once you have all of that information, you can log it. So you are essentially taking that a phone call happened and logging it into the customer relationship management system.

It makes management in an organization much more well-informed because by looking in their CRM they can see everything that’s gone on, all the communications that have gone on between their company and their customers, and that gives them the old 360 degree view of their customers and it’s contained in the CRM with all the information about what their customers bought and what they like, and all that good stuff.

I would like anyone considering InGenius to know that as CEO, my whole company will stand behind your success in this project. We’re very happy to run a no-risk pilot for you, so that you can have InGenius in your environment and confirm it is going to achieve your CTI objectives, and we stand behind that guarantee.

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