Understand your customers better with Insight Map: Watch Demo

Discover your customer’s business goals, pressures, initiatives, and obstacles with our account-based selling software. Start the On-demand Demo and see how to connect your solutions to your customer’s problems in a clear and visual way, increasing your opportunities to win more deals. 

Explore our Insight Map capabilities to: 

  • Uncover the goals, what your buying personas are aiming for or hope to accomplish 
  • Detect pressures, the internal or external forces that impact your buying personas 
  • Identify the initiatives that each buying persona use to execute individual goals 
  • Reveal the obstacles your buying personas are facing  

Armed with this knowledge, a salesperson’s empathy quickly becomes full-fledged credibility.

Gain the competitive edge in leading your revenue team to uncover key opportunity insights to have informed high-yield sales-conversations 

Note: Our account-based selling software is Salesforce native. If your team doesn’t use Salesforce, this interactive demo is probably not for you. 


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