Why Upland Intelligent Capture

Upland Intelligent Capture is one of the market’s pioneering cloud-based
multi-tenant solutions for enterprises looking to leverage secure, nimble capture solutions that scale to the expanding needs of their businesses.

Intelligent Capture is a broad solution with applications for end users, administrators, IT staff, and even C-suite professionals. Upland’s cloud infrastructure translates to simplified software implementation, minimal maintenance, more resilient data security features, and increased efficiency across the board. End users interact with a user-friendly, accessible-anywhere interface, while administrators benefit from dashboards, analytics reporting, and a multitude of other process and user management tools. As a multi-tenanted software service, the responsibility and cost associated with infrastructure maintenance rests with Upland, greatly reducing the burden placed on IT. Cloud environments also improve the speed of implementation, as there is no need to wait for service engagements for installations.

Automate Data Entry

Forms automation, indexing, workflow rules, and validation are the right tools to help alleviate tedious manual entry tasks – and human error.

Centralize Interfaces

Bouncing back and forth between different application screens wastes precious time and energy. Empower your staff by giving them back time to work on higher value tasks and reduce the disparity between the applications they use daily.

Easy Configuration

In the past, tools like workflow and automated forms extraction were hard to set up and configure, but no more! Our interface is built for simplicity, which means configuration is easier than ever.

Flexible, Customizable, and
Easy to Implement

Building upon Upland’s strong capture, automation, and fax platforms, Intelligent Capture provides customers with a cloud-ready, user-friendly interface that reduces adoption time while offering a superior product experience. Users can easily self-administer and customize processes immediately upon capture, simultaneously creating structure around digitized content, simplifying large business processes, and delivering actionable analytic insights to decision-makers.


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Secure Fax-Enabled

Upland’s capture and fax tools enable organizations of all sizes to digitize their content while ensuring it’s secured via encryption and SSL access, supporting stringent global compliance regulations.

Dashboards and Reporting

Customizable dashboards and access to key analytic metrics promote transparency and uncovers bottlenecks and inefficiencies, so you can improve processes.

Audit Ready

Be prepared for compliance audits with access to end-to-end insights on how information is captured, validated, and distributed – from capture through workflow and up to distribution.

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