Upgrade fax processes for a digital era with Upland Intelligent Capture.

Upland Intelligent Capture is changing the way work is done. Our solution is packed with features that allow users to upgrade fax processes by automatically sending items into custom workflows, extracting data, setting up forms, and more.

OCR, Conversion, and Compression

Transforming fax images and files into text-searchable versions is critical for current day business processes. Easily make your files text searchable while simultaneously converting and compressing them into popular formats, such as .PDF and .DOC/X.

Data Extraction and Indexing

To upgrade the way you handle faxes, add a little AI to start making intelligent decisions based on data contained in documents. Automatically classify and extract information from documents based on your documents and machine learning.

Enable Scanning Devices

Intelligent Capture supports virtually any scanning device that has the ability to send to a local network folder or email inbox, and also integrates with TWAIN and HP’s Workpath Platform.

Get a Holistic View of Fax Traffic

One of the most powerful and convenient components of Intelligent Capture is the home screen. Here, users can easily set up a variety of different ‘widgets’ with plug and play features, then add and customize their home view based on their specific needs.

Widgets can be used to create graphs for reporting based on a user’s needs, like reviewing how many faxes are in their inbox or are in a particular stage of a workflow. Widgets can also be used to execute faxing, by either adding a normal send fax interface or by creating a fax-enabled workflow where users can drop documents directly from the home view.

upland intelligent capture dashboard

Automate Received Faxes

With Intelligent Capture, users can set up fax numbers to automatically send items into custom workflows. For example, you could create a simple set up to automatically receive faxes, then OCR content and email it to three different people for review.

Take it a step further by adding Forms Automation into processes to automatically classify documents and extract pertinent data, such as those found on an invoice. Once data is extracted, create workflow decisions to route the documents down different paths to different users or perform actions based on different data triggers.

Native Sending and Receiving

Instead of hopping back and forth between applications to send and receive faxes, harness the native sending and receiving interfaces available with Intelligent Capture. These interfaces can even be put into a widget, which allows users to put the inbox or sending screen right on their home screen for quick access.

Innovate your capture processes to automatically take care of the details