Receiving Faxes

Users under an Account can have individual inbound fax numbers, which are regular telephone fax numbers that can be provided to clients, suppliers and colleagues.

For regular InterFAX Users, any fax sent to their fax number will be automatically forwarded to the email address(es) specified in settings, as an attachment in a format of choice. Once Users have received a fax, they can share, download, file, forward, print and delete them just like regular email attachments.

Users can log into the InterFAX Control Panel, where they can manage their individual settings, open received faxes in the Document Viewer to view, download and manage those faxes, as well as accessing advanced features such as the blackout tool and sharing options.

Users of our Highly Secured services will receive an email to the address(es) defined in settings, containing a link to view and manage the received fax in the Control Panel.

To view faxes in the InterFAX Document Viewer

  • Log in to the Control Panel,
  • Navigate to your ‘Inbox’ and locate the received fax in your queue,
  • Click on the fax in the queue to open in the Document Viewer or use the ‘More Options’ link on the right hand side and select ‘View’.
  • For more information on using the advanced features of the Document Viewer, please visit the support section – here.

Updating your email address

It is possible to either change the email address to which your faxes arrive, or to receive a fax to multiple email addresses simultaneously.

To change your registered email address

  • Log in to your User,
  • In the Navigation Menu, navigate to the ‘My Settings’ tab, and then click ‘My Profile’,
  • In the ‘Email Address’ text box, add the new email address you would like to use,
  • Click the ‘Ok’ link to save.

To add additional email addresses

  • Log in to your User,
  • In the Navigation Menu, navigate to ‘My Settings / Incoming Options’ tab, and click on ‘Notifications’,
  • In the Header section at the top of the page, use the ‘+’ icon to add an email address,
  • A new window will display, enter the email address in the ‘Email’ textbox,
  • Click the ‘Add’ link to save.
  • Once saved, the email address will appear in the list of addresses in the Notifications page.
  • Once added, email addresses can then be edited or deleted via the menu at the right hand side of the entry in the list.

For a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers relating to receiving faxes with InterFAX, please visit the support section here.

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