Sending faxes

InterFAX allows customers the ability to send faxes without having to install costly fax servers or modems.
Once a fax has been submitted into the InterFAX system, we will take care of processing and sending that fax, doing everything in our power to ensure a successful delivery.

For a list of the most frequently asked questions related to sending faxes, please see the “Sending Faxes” FAQ section – here.

InterFAX offers three basic options for submitting individual faxes into our systems for delivery, if you wish to broadcast faxes to multiple recipients at once, please see the support sections – here;

1. Using the Control Panel
2. By Email to Fax
3. By connecting to one of our developer environments

1. The InterFAX Control Panel

The InterFAX Control Panel allows customers to send faxes an online web form. The control panel also gives quick access to advanced sending and formatting options, as well as billing, Account and User management settings.

For further support using the InterFAX Control Panel to send faxes, please see the support sections here.

2. Email to fax

Allows customers the ability to send faxes via any standard email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird, or via web based email services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

For further support in sending a fax from your email address, please see the support sections here.

3. Developer Integrations

Software developers can integrate our services with their own development environments, with our fax API’s, SDK’s and SMTP modifiers, this allows their own end users the ability to submit faxes using a range of common methods, and from within their own environments.

For further information, support and documentation, please visit our Developer Centrehere.

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