Auto sharing received faxes and documents

You can use InterFAX’s Auto Sharing feature to automatically share received faxes and documents, with one or more Users, or groups of Users under an Account.
Instead of sharing each document manually, with Auto Sharing you can share all of your received documents in just a few steps.

If you would like to share a single document then please see the support section – here.
If you would like support creating Groups for sharing, please see the support section – here.

Individual users may create and change the Auto Sharing settings, which apply only to received faxes and documents (received items of which the User is owner).

To enable auto sharing of received documents

  • Log in to the InterFAX User who’s documents you would like to auto share,
    • Account managers can log into individual Users by navigating to ‘Account Management / Users’.
  • In the main menu, navigate to ‘My Settings / Incoming Options’ and click on the ‘Auto Share’ tab,
  • Click on the checkbox to ‘Enable Automatic Sharing’,

  • Now that automatic sharing is enabled we can specify access to received items for all users under the account using the “Anyone in the organization” setting, and add new users or groups of Users to auto share documents with;
  • To add a new User, or Group to auto share with;
    • In the header section at the top of the page, click the ‘+’ icon to ‘Invite People’,

  • In the ‘Invite people’ window, specify the User or Group you would like to auto share documents with,
    Once you start typing suggested Users or Groups will be displayed.
  • Assign the desired permission level for the User or Group
    The options available are “Can view”, “Can view and edit”, “Can view and share”, “Can view, edit and share”
  • Click update to save.
  • Once added, you will see the new entry in the Auto Sharing list and permissions can be amended by clicking the ‘Down’ arrow on the right hand side of its entry in the list, or deleted by clicking the ‘X’ icon.;

In the above screenshot a single User – ‘SharedTestUser’ has been added to automatic sharing, and received items are also being shared with the “InterFAX_Test Group”.

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