Box integration

InterFAX enables you to send faxes directly from your Box account.
Do the following to send faxes from Box:


Install the InterFAX Application in Box

  • Login to your Box account
  • Go to the InterFAX application
  • Click on ‘Add’ and on the popup message click ‘Okay’

Sending Faxes from Box

Sending a fax from Box using InterFAX is easy:

  • Navigate to the file you want to fax, right click on the file, then click ‘More Options’,
  • Select the ‘Fax with InterFAX’ option.

In the popup box;

  • Fill in your InterFAX Username and Password,
    If you do not have an account, then please – register here.
  • Fill in the destination fax number
  • Click ‘Okay’. Your document will be processed and the result message is displayed at the top of your Box files.

Please also see ‘Supported File Types‘ for a list of file types supported for faxing through InterFAX.

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