Recommended 3rd party products

These are products we use or recommend. Please note that we do not offer support for the products listed below. Links on this page lead out of the InterFAX site.

User Products


Use InterFAX through Windows’ standard fax console! The T37FSP provides native Windows Fax Service / Windows Fax Printer integration with InterFAX.
[Download] [Details]

PDF Factory

Print any page to PDF and instantly email it through InterFAX. After printing your document to PDF, the program automatically opens a new email message, allowing you to insert your recipient. It uses your existing mail program to send faxes and keeps sent faxes in your “Sent Items” folder.

Developer Products

Chilkat MHT

Helps developers create HTML files with embedded images for submission to the InterFAX Fax Web Service.

NuSOAP – Note: This library is no longer necessary from PHP5 onwards.

Excellent, one-file-installation SOAP library for PHP.
[Details] [Download].

Support Home

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