Salesforce Integrations

Upland InterFAX extends the ability to integrate our powerful faxing capabilities into the Salesforce experience, affording customers and organizations multiple options for sending and receiving fax communications from within Salesforce. Whether using our REST or SOAP API’s, or utilizing our email to fax services, we have multiple options for integrating the InterFAX services into your Salesforce workflow.

  • Powerful Salesforce fax integration via the InterFAX’s API’s, or via Email to fax
  • Send and receive documents from within Salesforce
  • Broadcast faxes to multiple recipients
  • Reduce costs with attractive price plans based on your transmissions


Development methods can vary greatly, given the flexibility of Salesforce and the Upland InterFAX API’s. The following are example guides for integrating InterFAX into your Salesforce workflow, depending on your requirements:

REST API – Our recommended API integration, enabling InterFAX functionality from within Salesforce requires a quick setup, to get started please see the guide – here

SOAP API – A third party guide to SOAP integration with Salesforce can be found – here.

Email to fax – Send an email from Salesforce directly into the InterFAX system, to be processed and sent by Fax. For more information regarding setting up and sending faxes by email, please see the guides – here.


Delivery Confirmation – We can send you confirmation emails to keep you updated.
Select a notification policy to receive emails upon success, failure, or for all activity. You can also determine how transmission failures should be handled, and the number of retries upon busy or no answer signals.

Bulk Fax Broadcasting – InterFAX lets you efficiently distribute faxes in bulk to a large customer base.
With plentiful lines, our online fax servers can handle large number of faxes at any given moment, sending a fax to 10,000 recipients is as easy as sending it to a single recipient.

Cost effective – With Upland InterFAX, you have full control over your fax costs.
Pay per transmitted fax, and expand or reduce your package any time based on your needs, for more information please see our pricing and plans.

Industry Leading Support – Our service offers detailed online, phone and email support options, in multiple regions and languages. Our knowledgeable local support teams are at your service and will respond within pre-defined SLA’s, in the hopes of providing all the answers you need, to ensure you have as positive an experience as possible.

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