Perl Fax API

Send and receive faxes from Perl using the InterFAX Fax API

  • No hardware installations
  • No software setup
  • No phone lines to order

The InterFAX accepts files in all popular Office formats, including PDF and HTML, and sends them to a fax number you specify. The fax API offers basic fax send/receive, and advanced features such as multiple destinations, deferred transmission, document resolution, and more.

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Perl Code Samples

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Perl Fax – Send Binary Files Using SendFax

This example shows how to submit a binary file to the fax Web service. This can be done using…


Perl Fax – Sending One or More Files to Multiple Recipients with SendfaxEx_2

In this section, the provided Perl fax script sends one or more faxes to one or more recipients with…


Perl Fax – Get Detailed Fax Information Using FaxQuery

The FaxQuery method allows you to retrieve information…


Perl Fax – Retrieve Outbound Fax Image with GetFaxImage

The GetFaxImage method, demonstrated in the Perl fax…


Perl Fax – Get List of Inbound Faxes

The Perl fax script below displays information for a number of submitted faxes using the GetList method.


Perl Fax – Using SendCharFax to Send Plain-Text Faxes

This example illustrates how to send a plain-text Perl fax, using the…


Perl Fax – Retrieve Fax Information with FaxStatus

Use the FaxStatus method to retrieve information about…


Perl Fax – Query Submitted Faxes Using FaxQuery2

The following Perl fax snippet shows information on different submitted faxes. This example illustrates the use of the…


Perl Fax – Cancel Pending Fax

To cancel a previously-submitted (outbound) Perl fax, use the…


Perl Fax – Use GetImageChunk to Retrieve Inbound Fax Image

In this Perl fax sample, GetImageChunk is used to retrieve a fax image in multiple chunks (the chunk size is configurable).


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