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Enterprise-Class Cloud Fax Platform with Secure Document Distribution

Upland InterFAX understands the importance of security for our clients. That’s why we’ve always made security a strategic priority for our organization. We are committed to delivering the best secure, cloud-based enterprise-grade fax service that enhances user experience and ensures reliable communications, all while meeting rigorous industry compliance standards.

InterFAX offers best-in-class cloud fax features to customers so your critical data is safe, whatever your industry or location. From SSL/PKI encryption for incoming and outgoing faxes, our unique “Delete Fax After Completion” feature, to user authentication via private and public key signatures, InterFAX is committed to offering secure cloud fax services to our clients. InterFAX supports the most stringent compliance regulations worldwide to ensure data security and privacy, including HIPAA in the US, PHIPA in Canada, and ISO 27001 in Europe. In addition, we are the first and only Internet fax company to offer a fully certified outbound and inbound fax service that is Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant.

Sometimes workloads fluctuate based on project, season, or simply as an organization grows and needs evolve. That’s why we provide our customers with flexible, tiered monthly subscription options based on volume, so they have the ability to scale cloud fax services and can achieve cost savings by paying only for what they fax.

Desktop Faxing

Enjoy the simplicity of sending faxes right from your desktop using any email program, SFTP, web-based email service, or application that can send documents as email attachments.

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Secure Fax Communications

These days, data security is a top concern for our clients. That’s why InterFAX is committed to offering strategic services of the highest level to ensure your data is safe.

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Industry-leading API

The InterFAX Fax Communications API offers basic fax send/receive, and advanced features such as multiple destinations, deferred transmission, document resolution, and more.

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  • Send Faxes

    InterFAX provides an email-to-fax service that lets you send and receive faxes using any email program. Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email, and your emails are automatically converted to faxes as they are sent.

  • Receive Faxes

    All you need is an Internet connection and you can receive faxes anywhere directly into your inbox using a PC or a mobile device. InterFAX saves you time and money and increases your productivity.

  • Enterprise Functionality

    Enterprise and Back-Office faxing solutions allow a variety of enterprise applications – CRM, ERP, Email, etc. – to send faxes with no hardware installations and no software licensing.

  • Integrated Faxing

    Integrate fax services with various environments including MS Dynamics, MS Outlook, SAP R/3, Salesforce, Google Drive and Box. Allow faxing from within these environments, with instant activation for a simple and fast implementation.

  • Convenience and Flexibility

    Get your service up and running easily and quickly – just the way you want it. Reduce the IT burden with a hosted fax solution that has guaranteed service continuity.

  • Developer API

    Use the InterFAX API as a secure communications engine for your development project. Gain control of your faxes through REST and SOAP-based interfaces.

  • HIPAA Fax & HIPAA Compliant Fax Solutions

    Our HIPAA Fax solution helps EMR providers and healthcare organizations send HIPAA compliant faxes while complying with HIPAA Fax regulations for information flow and exchange.

  • PHIPA Compliant Fax Solutions & Data Residency

    Our PHIPA Fax solution helps EMR providers and healthcare organizations send PHIPA compliant faxes while meeting Canada’s PIPEDA data sovereignty standards.

Take advantage of InterFAX’s cloud faxing service from anywhere.

InterFAX is a global provider of cloud fax services with 12 data centers worldwide and growing, each adhering to a variety of relevant, location-dependent data sovereignty laws. All that is needed from the user is to find the InterFAX Login Page, sign in, and gain access to start sending faxes immediately.

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