Digital Transformation Strategy | 5 Benefits of Creating a Digital Mailroom

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Jessie Barth

The statistics show that Digital Transformation is no longer a backburner item or a “nice-to-have.” We know that organizations must be actively outlining strategies and implementing solutions to address Digital Transformation to succeed in our changed world.


The Upland Document Workflow portfolio of solutions helps organizations to achieve success in the rapidly shifting market that is officially our oft-overused “new normal” business environment. Earlier this year, we composed and shared our “11 Steps to a Successful Digital Transformation” guide to inspire organizations to get moving to improve processes in our post-pandemic reality.

But let’s get to the point: where’s the best place within your organization to kick off the transition? The ideal place is right at the point of document reception for most organizations – the mailroom. A digital mailroom uses document scanning and workflow technology to digitize the secure delivery of mail, resulting in a highly beneficial impact across the entire organization.

Here are five benefits to taking your mailroom processes into the digital era:

Faster, more reliable access
In a world where a large percentage of your staff is working while on the road or from the home office, a digital mailroom strategy provides reliable and timely access to the items they need to get work done faster. No more waiting on snail mail delivery or couriers to get items to remote employees.

Streamlining mail distribution also enhances mailroom staff’s ability to get items out the door more quickly and with less hassle. The secure receipt of time-sensitive mail is now just part of the package, and mailroom staff can deliver it promptly to the right person or team with less effort.

Improved security
When mail is manually dealt with by staff, there is always the risk of human error or compromised data. With digital mailroom processes, you’re capturing content right as it arrives, then simultaneously organizing, archiving, and providing access to content for approved staff from one central location.

Digitizing mailroom processes also improves security by providing authenticated, streamlined routing of documents containing sensitive customer and company data. Comprehensive digital mailroom processes ensure your organization aligns with any data privacy or compliance standards such as HIPAA or PCI DSS. A digital mailroom provides a secure, transparent audit trail for the entire document lifecycle.

No more “grab and go” mailboxes where sensitive or confidential content can be misplaced or stolen, no more misrouting of documents or communications, and no more tedious “yellow folder” deliveries — the benefits here are huge.

Getting a handle on business continuity
This spring, many organizations struggled to address their employees’ needs as they adjusted to remote work conditions. Reliable access to systems and critical documentation was bottlenecked and then services slowed, which meant customers experienced a lag in service. In our “new normal” business reality, this result is no longer acceptable. You have to ensure you can get the job done, whatever the circumstances.

Taking mailroom processes digital allows for critical documentation and communications to land right in the hands of the staff members who need it, from their home desktop or even their mobile device. Providing your staff with reliable, seamless access to materials and work processes from wherever they are is critical to keep business moving. A digital mailroom makes that goal a reality.

Reduced operational costs
Streamlined processes mean less budget required toward hiring mailroom staff, as they’re able to get more done with the resources they’ve got — like existing scanners and MFPs. Because only a scanner or MFP is needed to upload mail securely, existing hardware can take on this work.

Digitizing the mailroom also introduces the many benefits of going as paperless as possible, eliminating additional costs for paper, printing, ink, storage, couriers, delivery costs, and more. Not only are you able to funnel those funds back into more fruitful endeavors, but you can also sleep a little more soundly knowing that your organization is reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Not too shabby.

Better customer service
This one should go without saying. After all, isn’t offering your customers more responsive, empowering experiences with your organization the driving force behind what you do? We’re right at the jumping-off point of the age of the customer, and they’re more connected and vocal than ever before.

Automating digital processes creates a reality where data is critical, which means that a business that can access that data faster can engage with customers more efficiently. A digital mailroom ensures faster response times and a more accurate understanding of content for customer queries. Employees no longer need to spend so much time searching for content and can instead spend time meeting the needs of their customers.

Let’s wrap it up
In the end, the benefits of digitizing mailroom processes boil down to empowering employees to focus more time directly on improving products and providing excellent customer service, rather than being bottlenecked by tedious and frustrating paper processes. Learn more about how to get started by visiting our website to see how Upland can help you get started.

Ready to chat with an expert? Contact us to learn more and view a brief product demonstration. We’re eager to share our digital mailroom solutions with you!



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