Fax and the 2020 Vision: Relevance in a Data-Driven Era

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You’ve got to admit; there’s something about the kickoff to a new decade that intrinsically makes you want to pause, take stock of the effectiveness of your processes, and figure out how to adapt current technology to prepare for changes on the horizon. Especially as the trend for remote work in our post-pandemic society continues to grow. Prevalent industry pros are furiously listing the game-changing, shiny tech solutions of the next decade (hint: if the term “Digital Transformation” doesn’t already mean something to you, you’ve got homework). And on the daily, it seems the rumor of “fax is dead” rings in our ears. So, let’s get to it. How does the seemingly age-old fax fit into these super-charged, beginning of decade resolutions? Why is the fax still relevant in 2020 – and how will it translate in the next decade of our communications-heavy, data-driven era?

The fax is here to stay

Despite the buzz, fax isn’t going anywhere. Indeed, for some industries – notably the legal, healthcare, and financial services sectors, the fax remains the most trusted source of secure information exchange. That’s really saying something, because as a society, we’re communicating more than ever.

But the nature of the fax is changing. As stated in the Washington Post, “Faxing remains alive and well…[and]the persistence of faxing — and the people who send faxes — is in part because the fax industry has adapted to accommodate new technologies.”

The fax is adapting to corresponding tech – like the omnipresent cloud –  which makes sense.

Data security is more critical than ever

As the last few years have shown, digital privacy is now impossible to ignore, whatever your industry. Between GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and dozens upon dozens of pieces of regulatory legislation already in process, installing robust data security practices to keep PII in check means seeking out technology that helps organizations across industries meet rigorous security. Regulations are the new normal, and creating reliable practices demands a second look if you want to avoid data loss – and the hefty fines that result.

Savvy cloud fax providers keep communications in check while bolstering security with additional security features like user authentication, inbound and outbound encryption, and yes,  adherence to industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and beyond.

Why the fax (and the cloud) is relevant

Sure, in our data-driven era, data security is tantamount to doing good business. But if we’re honest, isn’t a good deal of the obsession with the cloud really about convenience?

Workers want ease of use and reliability – no matter to which regulations you must adhere. Cloud-based fax services offer that much-sought-after convenience, as standing and waiting next to a fax machine for output is often no longer possible. People are working from everywhere, so how can you tie them to an MFP or fax machine?

Another convenience booster:  Cloud-based fax services like InterFAX integrate with existing systems (like Vertafore AMS360) to enable users to communicate while enhancing security. Working side by side, these platforms benefit users by creating a secure cloud fax solution that can be accessed anywhere from any device. This partnership ensures resiliency via fully certified adherence to global compliance standards and provides best-in-class communications solutions.

On top of ease and security, cloud faxing eliminates those pesky costs associated with maintaining infrastructure as well as real estate around physical files or records. Cloud fax effortlessly scales alongside a growing business while providing a transparent, easily accessible audit trail of communications that is available to permissioned users when it’s needed.

The last word

Cloud solutions are filling a rising demand, boosting convenience while solving concerns around data security. Cloud fax technology offers scalable, tailored solutions to businesses as their needs evolve. Taking fax to the cloud is a win in this increasingly tech-driven future of work. Learn more about the possibilities by registering for a product demonstration with one of our experts today.

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