Healthcare pros, are you looking for smarter, more secure communications processes? InterFAX can help.

As healthcare professionals, you already know that a solid, secure fax solution in place so that important communications and services remain uninterrupted – whatever the circumstance. According to the 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, 74% of respondents experienced a significant security incident in the previous 12 months. And yet, 69% of the same survey respondents report that their organization continues to use legacy systems.

If the statistics above make you nervous, you have a good reason! Aside from being a negative ding on your organization’s reputation and trustworthiness, data breaches due to negligent practices or processes will cost you. HIMSS reports that just one breached patient record costs approximately $380 in compliance fees. How many patient records are you responsible for at the moment? One breach could add up to millions in penalties – fast.

Ready to update your communications processes? Here are a few items to consider when seeking a vendor to keep you competitive (and compliant) in 2020 and beyond. Are you HIPAA Fax Compliant?

Taking Fax into the Modern Era
These days, the idea of faxing is no longer something that should evoke visions of dusty, cumbersome equipment. To help healthcare organizations stay secure and competitive, trustworthy vendors are handling sensitive patient data in the cloud, while adhering to all the intricacies of HIPAA regulations with HIPAA Compliant Fax.

What does that mean? In short, any third-party provider you work with must have the technical, physical, and procedural security measures in place to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of faxes – and ensure your patient’s critical data is secure. They must guarantee that an ample technical framework is in place alongside industry-specific certifications that adhere to stringent global requirements.

Can a Third-Party Vendor Keep PII Data Safe and HIPAA Compliant?
YES, but as a buyer, you need to do your homework. As you research your options, you must choose a vendor that is willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement. That’s standard procedure, but it’s key.

Next, find out the range of security features the vendor has in place to comply with HIPAA regulations, such as:

  • Data encryption: Fax messages (inbound and outbound) should be delivered in encrypted formats, whether SSL or signed email (PKI), so that PII can be delivered securely.
  • Automatic fax removal: Messages containing sensitive content are automatically deleted from servers upon delivery, ensuring that nobody – including your third-party vendor – has access to sensitive information.
  • User authentication: The solution gives you the ability to enforce appropriate access rights by compelling username and password access to the online fax system.
  • Physical security: Actual server equipment must be housed in secure environments that are accessible only by approved personnel.
  • Audit trail: The solution should provide a full audit trail of faxes sent and received through the servers, which may be viewed online or trackable using mail confirmations sent to the sender of a fax.

Is the fear of change (or the work of implementing a new system) worth risking your patient’s data – not to mention the cost of a breach? Tech is evolving quickly, and if your fax system is a few years old (or older), your organization (and your clients) are already at risk. Not only is this a basic compliance no-no, but an ethical question. After all, “do no harm” is your commitment, so while you’re keeping patients healthy and thriving, you need to ensure you’re safeguarding their PII as well.

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