Case Study

Texas A&M legal clinic solidifies secure transmission of student data

This busy department enabled remote staff to securely communicate sensitive student information, boosting service time and ensuring HIPAA compliance.


Busy staff at Texas A&M’s Legal Clinic relied on traditional methods of communication, using their department’s MFP and fax machine to send and receive student information for registrations and student records as well as client information for cases they work on in their clinic. Their current method not only relied on physical hardware that required regular maintenance and telecom infrastructure, but the information they were transmitting needed to align with data privacy standards like HIPAA to ensure that student and staff member’s personally identifiable information (PII) was secure. And they needed technology that could be accessed from anywhere by staff in the office or working remotely.

Big Benefits

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant communications that ensure data privacy
  • Instant access to cloud fax while working remotely
  • Increased level of customer service to students
  • Improved efficiency for busy staff

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