Canadian Data Residency in the Digital Transformation Era

Cloud-based technology is quickly transforming the way Canadian businesses operate, which has resulted in an increased demand for more resilient and comprehensive cloud computing infrastructures. For document-driven, crucial service industries like healthcare, the integrity of data is a top priority, which means that healthcare providers are seeking communications solutions that adhere to compliance mandates while enhancing the ability to provide fast, reliable, and superior patient services.

Since the Canadian Government adopted a cloud-first strategy, data residency in public cloud offerings has become a priority. Upland InterFAX, a leader in cloud-based digital transformation resources, has a long history of supporting regulatory requirements, data security, and data residency in the countries in which we operate. Upland recently invested in opening a Montreal-based data center to provide critical in-country data storage for our Canadian customers.

Learn more about our commitment to data residency requirements in Canada and how our cloud fax solution fits the needs of healthcare providers in Canada by downloading the datasheet.

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