Datawatch Case Study

Enabling Sales with Kapost

Datawatch is an award-winning software company that creates self-service data preparation solutions. When Frank Moreno, VP of worldwide marketing, joined the marketing organization, he knew Kapost—the same platform that had benefited his former company—would be invaluable to Datawatch’s growing marketing and sales team.

The Challenge

Content was produced and dumped into Sharepoint where sales was unable to find the content customers requested. Meanwhile, the marketing team lost hours of productivity pointing reps to the correct assets.

The Solution

Now the entire marketing organization, third-party content agency, and all of sales live in Kapost. The marketing team creates and tags content for the sales team to share via a Kapost app in Salesforce—and marketing even tracks what assets are shared by the sales team and viewed most by the customers.

Datawatch’s Challenges

  • Unable to Find Content
  • Collaboration with Third-Party Agency
  • Collaboration through Email

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Searching and Tracking Start with Tagging

Findability starts with creator accountability, and Kapost’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) keep the marketing team on track. With Kapost’s Insights app, they know that more than 88% of their content is tagged with buying stage, persona, and product fields. Partnered with Kapost, Datawatch’s marketers are transitioning from tactical to strategic. The team is empowered to conduct regular content audits to ensure they are speaking to the right customers with the right content at the right time.

Marketing Content, Found in Salesforce

100% of customer-facing content lives in Kapost Gallery and is accessible directly within Salesforce. Tagging makes searches simple, allowing sales reps to filter content by industry, vertical, and persona—right on their devices. Combined, the marketing and sales teams save hundreds of hours per week that had been spent searching for content. Now they can focus on what matters.

Planning Ahead—as a Company

Datawatch plans all their content in Kapost—from the new website and weekly blog posts to webinars and even trade shows—giving the full organization visibility into calendars and workflows. Local and remote teams stay connected and maintain content consistency with Kapost’s collaboration and workflow tools. And the Kapost Customer Success team is there for support at every step of the journey and across the globe to keep them at the top of their game.

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