IBM Analytics Case Study

Visibility across the Content Lifecycle

Through Kapost, IBM streamlined their content production across multiple sectors to achieve maximum alignment, accountability, and coordination.

The Challenge

IBM needed to find an efficient way to manage their content production cycle. Using a static chart as an editorial calendar, Tara Dunn, inbound marketing strategy lead, managed her publishing cycle by manually updating cells—often for hours at a time—and collaborating with her teams through email.

The Solution

With the help of the Kapost Content Studio, IBM streamlined content production while also giving a single place for stakeholders to access important content calendars. The best part? Everyone actually used it.

IBM’s Challenges

  • Limited Visibility and Context
  • Laborious Processes and Workflows
  • Inefficient Production Management

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Content Viewing—Maximized

Entire content campaigns and programs across six different areas now use a centralized, master calendar with several custom views for specific teams and purposes. The customizable view in the Kapost Calendar gave visibility to track each team’s progress for specific initiatives.

Coordinating Cross-Functionally

Tracking important tasks and deadlines across teams suddenly got a lot easier. Within the first 90 days of implementing Kapost, IBM had 2,933 comments on content assets within the instance. The new streamline of communication allowed content to be produced with much more accountability.

Enhanced Day-to-Day Operations

With one centralized spot to work, the production process dramatically increased, leading to improvement in page views, time on page, content quality, collaboration, and teamwork.


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