Synopsys Case Study

Aligning Marketing and Sales in One Platform

Synopsys, a global leader in electronic design automation and semiconductor IP, invested close to a billion dollars to establish itself in software security and quality industry through the acquisition of ten companies in four years. As Synopsys brought the groups together, the company undertook a major rebranding effort.

The Challenge

Tasked with integrating several brands and supporting a much larger sales team, the content team was drowning without a workflow or a way to get updated content to sales. The team, led by Sr. Manager Cameron Caswell, decided that instead of investing time in an inflexible content management system, they would find a true solution: Kapost. At first, the request to implement Kapost was denied, but once Caswell positioned Kapost as a sales enablement tool, the company gave her its approval. She was also challenged with the task of completing the implementation by the next global sales conference—which was in just three months.

The Solution

As a single source of truth, a place for common taxonomy and workflows, and a resource the content team could share with the sales team for total visibility and alignment, Kapost was the clear solution. It was more than a tool; it empowered Synopsys’ content operation with an experienced partner who would set them up for success. In three months, the content and implementation teams successfully launched Kapost with a live demo on stage at the company’s sales conference. The sales team was using the platform within minutes of the presentation.

Synposys’ Challenges

  • 10 Acquisitions
  • Several Different Processes
  • Limited Sales Enablement

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Workflow After 10 Acquisitions

Caswell worked at Cigital when it was acquired by Synopsys in 2016. Overnight, she found herself in a company triple the size with five times as many salespeople. Still churning out content, her team struggled to unify the brand and message. They had ten processes—from spreadsheets to sticky notes—and no consistency. Kapost’s content-specific workflows brought structure to their processes, saving time and allowing the team to work smarter.

Sales Enablement and Version Control

Before Kapost, the content team worked furiously to turn out content they thought sales would need, with no visibility into what was used. The sales team was equally in the dark, constantly asking the content team to create assets that already existed. And once the salespeople found the asset they wanted, they would save it on their desktops with no regard for version control. Now through a Kapost integration, the sales team can access all the content in Salesforce—and the marketing team can view which assets are used most. The best part? The marketing team only has to update the latest version in Kapost, and the links in Salesforce automatically update. The marketing team can rest easy knowing the sales team and their customers see the latest version of their hard work

Foundation of Collaboration

Caswell’s team met with the sales team to learn how they searched for content. They worked together to create a common taxonomy that aligns sales and marketing and ensures that customers receive customized content. Through their new taxonomy and tagging, the content team can identify gaps and ensure there is content that caters to every persona.

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