USGBC Case Study

Kapost Powers the Content for USGBC’s Marketing Automation

Kapost’s streamlined workflow and processes helped move the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) marketing content from fragmented and non-targeted to robust, relevant, and buyer-centric.

USGBC, a membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in building design, integrated Kapost before onboarding other marketing technologies, including marketing automation, because the two systems relied heavily on one another and would require a streamlined and data-driven process that it didn’t have in place.

The Challenge

Sheer Volume of Content: Starting with developing a new website, USGBC quickly realized “how much content we were actually going to need to create.”

Disjointed Workflow: A lack of process and technology resulted in a manual, often chaotic workflow that caused inefficiencies.

No process for developing content to fuel marketing automation. In addition to the content needs for the website, USGBC could see the ongoing need for content to fuel its marketing automation engine.

The Solution

USGBC learned that the value of Kapost extended beyond its powering marketing automation. With Kapost’s data and analytics, Tiffany Coyle, USGBC’s digital marketing manager, could “identify what was successful and replicate what worked”.

USGBC’s Challenges

  • Disjointed Workflow
  • Sheer Volume of Content
  • No Process to Fuel Marketing Automation

Read on to learn more about how USGBC was able to create customer-centric content, or Download the PDF.

Value in Metrics, Lead Generation, and Efficiencies

Kapost powered the marketing content that drove people toward USGBC lead-generation landing pages, increased process efficiencies, sped up approval processes, and provided valuable insights into critical marketing metrics.

Producing Quality Content

USGBC can now separate the wheat from the chaff, dialing in on only producing quality content—the content that resonates with audiences and attracts the most lead generation.


700 blog posts published in just one year.

Decrease in production time. USGBC’s team went from a 7-day review cycle to 12 hours.

The USGBC team went from spending 40-50% of their time managing assets to 10-15% of their time.

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