Content Operations Discovery & Alignment

Defining a Path Forward

Driving Progress and Change

You don’t need to navigate the complexities of content operations alone. Kapost’s facilitation experts bring stakeholders together to surface both strengths and challenges in how teams, processes, and technology are combined to deliver a cohesive customer experience.

Content Operations Maturity Assessment


Benchmark the current state of maturity in key areas of your marketing strategy, MarTech stack, and the planning, production, distribution, and analysis of content in your organization. Discover opportunities to improve or change how you manage the content that is vital to building trust and influence with your customers.

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Content Operations Discovery and Planning

Take a deep dive into content pain points and obstacles, identify priority areas for improvement, and build a roadmap that will guide your organization toward greater maturity in the governance, orchestration, and execution of your content operation.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop

Set a solid foundation for creating more impactful content and reducing content waste by streamlining processes, unifying taxonomy, and creating a feedback loop between sales and marketing teams.

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MarTech Review and Rationalization

Identify opportunities for technology integration or consolidation with a technical review of your existing MarTech stack. We’ll not only uncover capability gaps and overlap in technology solutions, we’ll also surface opportunities to define and clarify the business processes that achieve your marketing goals and best support your content operation.

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