Implementation & Training

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Put your content operations roadmap into action by building a solid foundation for scalable, long-term success. We’ll help you get the most from your investment by sharing best practices from hundreds of B2B marketing organizations and preparing your teams with customized training.

Content Operations Workflow and Taxonomy


From a taxonomy structure that is designed to provide valuable insights to workflow and visibility practices that accelerate progress, this workshop is essential for establishing best practices for your content operation. With a clear implementation scope and timeline, you’ll define the types of content produced, distributed, and measured in Kapost, establish the planning and collaboration processes within the platform, determine a user onboarding schedule, and create a communication plan for your Kapost launch.

User Onboarding and Training


Enable teams in your organization to learn the essentials of Kapost with in-person, remote, or video training. Structured for individual teams and roles, training sessions are personalized for relevant use cases and key platform functionality. Testing and validation for small teams or individual users occurs alongside training to ensure a smooth rollout across your organization.

Program Management


Leverage resources from Kapost to help achieve your content operations objectives. Push forward large or complex projects by establishing a dedicated point of contact for ongoing program oversight, scoping and gathering of requirements, identification of risks and mitigation strategies, reporting, training, testing, change communication, and rollout.

Kapost Platform Administrator Training


Enable your Kapost admin to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s functionality and best practices to help achieve long-term growth and success of content initiatives in your organization.

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Train-the-Trainer Program


Equip your in-house resources with the skills and knowledge to become Kapost experts, enable others to masterfully use the platform, and train new users as adoption expands.

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