Platform Configuration

Streamline and Optimize


Technology Supporting People and Processes

Tailor your Kapost instance to operate seamlessly within your MarTech stack and support the visibility, reporting, and collaboration that are vital for realizing your content operations vision.

Platform Configuration


Once you have completed the Content Operations Workflow and Taxonomy workshop, we’ll set up native integrations, refine user permissions and reporting visibility, and customize taxonomy, workflows, and initiative and content types to ensure your Kapost instance is configured to meet the exact needs and priorities of your marketing organization.

Asset Migration


You’ve created the perfect taxonomy for your future state. Now let us ensure your existing content is organized and searchable using the very same system. We will upload your content with the titles and tags that reflect your future state of personalized content for every audience, segment, product line, and more.

Custom Integrations

CRM, CMS, marketing automation, and analytics are among 30+ native integration options Kapost offers, but every business has unique needs and priorities. To support your business processes and existing MarTech stack, we’ll explore how custom-built integrations can provide the necessary additional capabilities.

More than just another software solution