3 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the 2019 Content Ops Summit

Marketing conferences get a lot of hype. 136 vendors on the floor! 12,000 attendees! Parties! Happy hours! Continental breakfast! The promotional videos jump from soundbites of flashy presenters on elaborate stages to timelapse shots of exhibition halls filling with a thousand lanyard-wearing attendees clutching handfuls of branded portable chargers.

Don’t take my snark the wrong way: There’s a lot to be said for these mega-gatherings. They have their place as annual check-ins on the industry, allowing us to see the latest offerings from a vendor we’ve had our eye on and hear talks from some of the biggest names in the game.

But a few months ago, when members of the Upland Kapost marketing team discussed what made conferences good or bad, we realized we all liked one thing most about them: The chance to meet and connect with our peers.

But at the standard massive events, that opportunity is one we often have to manufacture for ourselves, over a boxed lunch or while we’re mooching free drinks at a vendor after-party.

So we looked around and said, why don’t we create an event designed around the small-group conversations we benefit from so much? Thus, the Content Operations Summit was born.

Here’s what’s getting me pumped up for December 9 – 10, 2019:

An Intimate Group

We’re aiming for fewer than 100 people at the Summit, and it’s by design. When you get much bigger, attendees go from individuals to numbers on a spreadsheet, bustling from place to place. That lovely woman you met at lunch yesterday? Good luck finding her again. But a small group provides a safe and open space to connect and discuss the challenges facing us all. Real talk. Everyone who joins us in Boulder will come away with a new network of like-minded peers. There’s nothing like two days spent learning at the base of the Flatirons to build bonds that last.

A Room Full of Leaders—and Only Leaders

Another pitfall of major conferences: They’re often a hodgepodge of people, from content creators all the way up to CMOs. That’s why we’re zeroing in on leaders and visionaries. By leaders, for leaders, these two days will be laser-focused on the issues keeping you up at night. That’s one of the reasons our agenda includes plenty of real-life marketers, not just analysts and “experts.” You’ll have a chance to hear about challenges and successes, directly from the people conquering them.

Hands-On Workshops

We’ll be doing a lot of big picture thinking, but we’re also carving out time for real, get-your-hands-dirty workshops designed to get the gears turning and give you actionable takeaways. This isn’t just about dismantling the status quo in theory: It’s about giving you the tools you need to take real change home with your goodie bag.

Speaking of actionable takeaways, here’s one from this blog post: Get yourself registered for the 2019 Content Operations Summit. It’s this December in beautiful Boulder, CO, and it will be better with you there.

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