Kapost Introduces Scalable Video Capabilities with SoMedia

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Upland Admin

According to the Aberdeen Group marketers who implement video in their content mix outperform those who do not by 88%. But video production is time consuming and not everyone has the resources to quickly turn around a professionally edited video shoot.

Fortunately, SoMedia’s Scalable Video App for Kapost offers full-service, high volume video production, plus free hosting, custom video players and real-time video analytics. Available for all Kapost accounts, Scalable Video enables marketers to order the production of professionally shot video for their content marketing campaigns, anywhere in North America, in any volume, with a fourteen-day turnaround.

SoMedia’s free video players are automatically integrated into Kapost’s content library, enabling customers to easily embed and deploy their video content within third party platforms including blogs, landing pages, social networks and other forms of media. SoMedia’s real-time video analytics provide video behaviour and performance data for every embed location, enabling video ROI analysis.

We’re excited to have SoMedia Networks in our partner network, to give our customers a new tool to create dynamic content. Are you interested in learning more about how Scalable Video can help improve your content? Contact your Client Success Manager to learn more or contact us here.

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