The Week in Content Marketing: Sting Chimes In, Marketing the Challenger Sale & More

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Photo Credit: Sales Benchmark Index

Not only does this article give fantastic insight into effectively delivering your brand message to your customer, but it starts with Sting lyrics. It should be enough that the author quotes Message in a Bottle in reference to content marketing, but if that doesn’t entice you, these 6 elements to ensure your customers get the message will make your communications and messaging much more effective. Via Sales Benchmark Index

In this podcast, Matt Dixon, co-author of The Challenger Sale, talks about how the critical role of marketing in the success of the the Challenger Sale methodology. As Matt points out, finding salespeople with the right skills is only half of the battle. The second half is arming salespeople with insights they can use and stories they can tell that will change the way prospective customers think about doing business. That’s where marketing comes in. Listen to the whole interview to find out how to focus on the insights that will get prospects to buy. Via Digital Marketing Remix

This is a nice collection of tricks to have up your content marketing sleeves. From leveraging mutually beneficial partnerships with complimentary companies to throwing you whitepapers, webinars and presentations up on SlideShare, these 7 recommendations should definitely be a part of your content marketing strategy if you’re hoping to make more of an impact in 2013…and who isn’t? Via Content Marketing Institute

Chris Brogan knows how to package ideas. This week, he crafted a post about content marketing in a shareable, concise and incredibly useful way. To see an example of someone who knows how to write about topics that lots of other people are writing about–in this case content marketing–and can do it in a easily digestible way, read this article. Not only does it exemplify great content marketing, but the actual information is right on, too. Via Chris Brogan

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