WedWebinar: Idea Generation and Fueling Your Content Marketing Machine

1 minute read

Upland Admin

Earlier today, Kapost hosted the third webinar in our monthly #WedWebinar series. The topic of this month’s webinar was how to generate content ideas to fuel your content marketing machine. We reviewed how to generate enough ideas to keep your machine running smoothly. We looked at best practices for generating ideas outside of your marketing team. Then we demo’d how to manage these processes inside Kapost and see the various metrics that detail if these ideas are worth moving into production.

This topic was a lot of fun and always very relevant in helping us become better content marketers! To make the webinar more accessible and relevant for you, I’ve included a shortened recording (just 20 minutes). The full deck is also published here. Please let me know if you have any questions about what we discussed today. I’m happy to schedule a call with you and your team to review how to better use Kapost for your content ideation process(es).

The next webinar will take place on the last Wednesday of April, 4/24, @ 10am PST/1pm EST. The goal of this series is to share various content marketing best practices and how to accomplish your content marketing goals inside Kapost.

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