This Week in Content Marketing: New Roles, Going Rogue, and Kittens and Bacon

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What are you doing this Friday? Not much, eh. Luckily, I have a great suggestion! Let’s get smarter about process, find out what your marketing department might look like in the next few years, and compare the viral power of kittens and bacon. Enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I check posts by LinkedIn influencers regularly these days. It’s my not-so-new favorite place for well-written articles by professionals I admire. Today’s comes from one of the big (probably the biggest) names in content marketing: Joe Pulizzi. His post covers the 10 new titles that are popping up in marketing departments everywhere. In just 3 days, it’s accumulated: 75,824 views 631 likes and 181 comments. Definitely worth the full read (and the follow). Via LinkedIn

A big topic in content marketing right now is process. Without it, organizations tend to produce inconsistent, sometimes redundant, and often ignored content. We’re actually writing an eBook on this very issue. This week, Rebecca Lieb posted a great overview of what happens if you don’t have an established process…you get rogue content. “Rogue content happens when organizations overlook content strategy — they fail to put governance procedures in place to oversee and manage all the processes associated with content creation, distribution and management.” Check out the full article. Via Marketing Land.

Image Credit: Marketo

Image Credit: Marketo

Finally, I have to pat Marketo on the back…while simultaneously kicking myself (I’m a brilliant multitasker) for not seeing this post sooner. Yesterday, we compiled four of the weirdest infographics of 2013. Marketo is already featured for their Panda/Penguin visual. However, on Wednesday of this week, they posted an even more bizarre and brilliant infographic: Kittens and Bacon. So while I go back to yesterday’s post and add a much-deserved shout-out, take a look at this visual brilliance for yourself. Via Marketo

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

Did we forget anything? Share your favorite articles in the comments below. 

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