The Complete Guide to Building Your Content Workflow

What’s Inside?

  • Step-by-step workflow templates for the most common content types
  • Tips on streamlining approvals and tasks
  • Project management hacks to increase efficiency

Having Trouble Implementing Your Content Strategy? You’re Not Alone

If you want to produce a steady stream of content, you need a workflow that works. The workflow is the backbone of your content operation. Any inefficiencies and bottlenecks—the hiccups that make a content department more of a cost center—may be remedied by carefully examining your workflow.

That’s why we’ve put together this pain-free approach to creating, publishing, and promoting your campaigns with the appropriate workflows. We walk you through determining deadlines, identifying and assigning roles and channels, and governing your content operation. You’ll find workflow templates for blog posts, eBooks, webinars, and more! We also provide guidance on strategically repurposing existing content and choosing key content production tools.

Ready to manage your campaigns without pulling your hair out?

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