A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement

What’s Inside?

  • Tactical tips to better enable sales to deliver an outstanding customer experience
  • How to measure the impact of effective sales enablement
  • Best practices on how to align your sales and marketing teams

Empower Your Sales Team

This eBook details the six tenets to sales enablement greatness:

  1. The Technology: Smart investments in marketing and sales technologies empower cross-team visibility and communication.
  2. The People: Accountability and structure must be etched into the hierarchy of your staff.
  3. Definitions: Aligning on definitions like contacts, leads, and opportunities get sales and marketing on the same page.
  4. Process Agreements: Learn cross-channel strategies for communicating with sales.
  5. Revenue: Root your marketing goals in revenue to earn the respect of the sales team.
  6. Data and Metrics: Learn how to measure the impact of sales enablement by tracking sales cycle lengths, lead-to-MQL conversion rates, and more.

Download the eBook now, and get fast-tracked to better sales enablement strategies.

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