The State of Content in 2020

When we set out to survey marketers (and their extended colleagues across the revenue team) in order to gauge just how mature their content operations were, we were beyond excited when we ended up with data from more than 400 B2B enterprise teams. It allowed us to take a serious look at what the content landscape looks like today.

So before I go on, a quick thank you to the many content marketers, sales enablers, demand gen-ers, and others who shared their deepest content marketing secrets for the sake of science (and to benchmark themselves against their peers). Your candor has given us a fascinating look at where we’re thriving—and where we could all use some work.

Here are some findings we found particularly interesting:

The State of Content in 2020 Infographic


There’s more where that came from. Check out our 2020 State of Content Operations report for a deep dive into the data.

State of Content Operations Promo image

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