White Paper

One Voice: Winning with Content in the CX Era

What’s Inside?

  • Why uniting teams to speak in one voice is the key to marketing-led revenue
  • How to operationalize your strategy with a new operating model: content operations
  • How to plan, build, and measure the impact of your content operation

Own Your Story

Today’s B2B marketing leaders face at once a significant challenge and a major opportunity: orchestrating the customer experiences that will make or break the success of their businesses.

The imperative is clear. But if you can’t say how—or whether—your strategy is applied across every touchpoint, you haven’t achieved it.

Closing the customer experience gap isn’t simply a matter of updating our tech stacks or scrapping our existing strategies. Instead, leaders must empower their teams to operate in a new way.

Because it isn’t our strategies that are failing. It’s our ability to execute.

This paper introduces content operations, the how behind content strategy, uniting revenue teams to speak in one voice across every customer journey and accelerate revenue through content.

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