Why LeadLander

Convert website visits into actionable sales leads.

Used across dozens of industries and four continents, LeadLander empowers sales and business development teams with the information they need to send targeted messages to pre-qualified leads.

LeadLander provides a wealth of information about every visitor to your website. A traditional web analytics system only offers a generalized overview of the traffic visiting your site. LeadLander goes beyond traditional methods, providing specific details about each site visitor — the information most valuable to a sales person and marketing team.

LeadLander is the perfect tool for sales people and marketers who want:

  • New leads (even those who do not complete a registration form)
  • Alerts when prospects return to their website
  • Pipeline accuracy
  • Validation of their cold calls and meetings
  • Tie inbound lead flow to marketing campaigns
  • Deliver dynamic website content based on visitor history

Identify Website Visitors

Designed with sales people in mind. Easily identify visitors to your website, regardless of which browser or device they’re using, to enhance your prospecting efforts.

Easy Reporting and Integration

Get automated reports and alerts for your sales and marketing teams. Easy integration to CRMs like Salesforce.com and marketing automation solutions like Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot and others.


No “per-user” charges, so get your whole team on board for one low price.

Start your free 14-day trial today! No credit card required.