A Road Map for Customer Experience: Putting Technology into Practice

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Marketing in 2020 has changed significantly in the last decade. Think about where marketing teams were in 2010; likely, they were relying on instinct for their content. There was no data involved in any decision making and it was a guess and check process to see what stuck. Our content went out into the void and we had no real way to know if it worked.

Content is still king, but now so is data. For marketers to truly understand their audiences to create compelling content, they need a holistic understand of their users’ interests, behaviors and actions.

Data can completely alter the customer experience. Customer Experience (CX) used to be focused on in-store, but with the evolution of digital and eCommerce, CX has become the entire experience from start to finish of any interaction between a brand and consumer – physical or digital. Your marketing team must be focused on creating the absolute best customer experience by measuring the right data and acting on it.

But this isn’t easy for all marketing teams.  Many teams that lack the resources and technologies to unify martech and data across sources and channels effectively.

In this decade of CX, it’s imperative to put tech to work to create the best customer experiences possible.  Here’s a few key solutions marketers must leverage and optimize for customer experience success.

Email marketing and automation

According to a study by Upland Localytics, 57% of consumers prefer email communication, so ensuring that each email is relevant to their interests is crucial. Our eBook walks through tips and tricks to make your email more effective.


Personalization, once a marketer’s fantasyland, is now reality. But now with the right technologies implemented, marketing teams can go beyond just personalization, they can even suggest a customer’s next best action. Make your customers’ lives easier and take the guesswork out of your engagement strategy. Investing in an intelligence layer is the best way to do so.

Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging formats such as push, in-app, and SMS marketing, are tried and true marketing channels, helping brands communicate with their audiences in real-time.   Capitalize on this channel by leaning into better mobile communications and leverage smarter tactics to engage your customers via mobile.

Voice of Consumer

One of the best ways to learn about your customers is to hear it directly from them. Customer feedback is crucial and creates better experiences when implemented properly. Voice of customer solutions go beyond standard survey forms but turn that data into actionable insights that help pinpoint your problems proactively and deliver better experiences.

Upland Software’s CXM Cloud enables brands to create the best possible customer experiences across all channels. Implementing these technologies as part of your customer’s experience can help you create the best CX for your consumers.

With a perfected CX, brands can reach new heights across all channels. Not only will they see higher engagement with each of these campaigns, but they’ll witness reduced churn, increased revenue, and more customer longevity.

In 2020, brands are expected more of and customer experience is more than just the idea of a friendly face while customers shop. Make sure that your teams don’t approach customer experience as just a buzzword and embrace what it truly means to have a great CX.

There are many adjustments we are making this year, working from home, virtual meetings, social distancing, make sure you adjust your customer approach as well.

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