How Media and Entertainment Brands Can Nail an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Omnichannel experiences generate a ton of customer data, yet many media and entertainment companies struggle to collect, analyze, and create actionable insights from their digital intelligence. As competition is fierce, it’s critical to harness the value of this data to improve customer experience and, ultimately, loyalty. But how do you do it?

Start by connecting the data and insights from all your sources and applications. A true omnichannel experience requires that you integrate your systems and connect the data to create a 360 view of your customer. When customers engage across touchpoints, you’ll have a continual feedback loop that informs real-time adjustments to your CX strategy.

After you integrate, spend time evaluating how you can intentionally generate omnichannel experiences that will inspire not only sales, but loyalty. How does the experience feel? Move through the experience yourself as if you were a customer and note any points where it feels like something would make the journey easier, more efficient, more helpful, or more pleasant. People are loyal to brands that make them feel good and that make them feel appreciated.

Put your app on the frontline

Now more than ever, media and entertainment companies are expected to offer apps that keep customers connected to the content they want to consume. While every channel you offer must be optimized for a true omnichannel customer experience, there are a few key things you can do to inspire loyalty across the journey:

  1. Promote your other channels on your website.
    Customer journeys often begin on your website, but 92% of consumers don’t make a purchase on the first visit. Capture continued engagement and improve conversion by promoting your mobile app, social profiles, and email subscriptions on your site.
  2. Connect via the customer’s preferred channel.
    Email tends to be the go-to communication form for many brands. But what brands need to be doing instead is using data to find out which channel their customers prefer individually. Not everyone wants an email, some want an in-app message or some want a web push. Using this information to nurture your customers will create their best experiences.
  3. Advertise your customer experiences on social media.
    Building a customer community on social is a great way to provide content that is a mix of promotional, aspirational, and educational – all of which create a loyal following. Use paid or organic ads to promote your other experiences, such as app, website, and products, and let social give people a “preview” of what your brand has to offer.
  4. Show up with personalized, helpful offers.
    Your messages are a great way to craft truly personalized experiences and offers that make customers feel that you are there to help. You could use your communications to offer temporary bandwidth increases to stream sports, or create offers based on the content they have consumed.

Your customer experience is a key driver in engaging with customers and crafting personalized experiences that inspire loyalty. Upland can help you put all of these methods into play to generate a true omnichannel experience curated for today’s modern content consumer.

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