Leverage Mobile to Mitigate and Prevent Customer Churn

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To keep up with the way customers want to consume content, you need an app that customers will use. Traditional methods to mitigate churn are no longer enough. Yet, by reducing churn rates 3 – 5 basis points can result in millions in savings. How are media and entertainment companies thinking about mobile as means of taking action to increase customer retention and decrease churn?

Viewers and readers want to connect on any device, at their leisure. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are just a few who have upped the expectations for media consumers everywhere. From watching sports on the ESPN app to binging their favorite series, customers today want to be in control of when, where, and how they interact with content. Your mobile app is key to delivering on these expectations. Yet, unless your app is adopted by users and keeps them engaged, it won’t reduce churn.

While you can argue that the exclusive content you offer is your chief competitive differentiator, consumers are looking at your brand experience as a major indicator as well. Given a choice, they’ll choose the content brand that delivers the best experience. The best content, digital experience, personalized and curated content suggestions, helpful communication, it all aggregates to determine their favorite content creator.

At Upland Localytics, we work with Media & Entertainment brands to help them leverage their digital channels to deliver truly personalized, friendly-not-annoying experiences to customers—and we help you track the analytics that lets you continually refine that experience to better meet their needs.

What should your digital channels be designed to do?

  1. Easy to use. An intelligent and intuitive user experience is imperative in the current digital landscape. Design your channels to make consuming content super easy and convenient.
  2. Gain deep insights about your consumers. Content suggestions that don’t hit the mark can be annoying and quietly trigger the action of muting communication from your brand or worse, churning altogether. Using a wide net for gathering your customer data, from your apps to websites and more, you should be able to fully curate a personalized experience and recommend content that fits and feels right to the customer.
  3. Be helpful without being intrusive. People are inundated with content from brands and ads, as well as work, social media, and communications with friends and family. Your app needs to be helpful without being intrusive, or you run the risk of people uninstalling it. Localytics offers a solution called the Inbox that allows you to deliver notifications and push messages without disrupting a customer’s time. They check their Inbox and choose the messages they want to engage with.
  4. Deliver an omnichannel experience across all channels. Your web, mobile, Smart TV apps, and other content platforms should be tied together so data can easily flow through each channel. Not only so that customers have an easy viewing experience to pick up where they left off on their laptop when starting on their phone, but also so that your brand can aggregate all data together to create the best data for each customer.

If you’re losing customers, now is the time to reconsider how your app design may be driving customers away.

Localytics can help you deliver the kind of app experiences customers love.

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