Localytics Acquired by Upland Software to Enhance Customer Experience Management Cloud

About ten years ago, four visionaries co-founded Localytics; Raj Aggarwal, Henry Cipolla, Andrew Rollins, and Brian Suthoff.  Our founders had a bold vision for the future of mobile, analytics and marketing. The team built the most powerful analytics platform in the industry, coupled with new forms of mobile messaging. And with a vision of engaging billions of consumers, we innovated. And now, Localytics has built a market-leading platform for digital intelligence and customer engagement that serves a global market, and has influenced the creation and innovation of other platforms.

At Localytics, we have continued to help connect people in meaningful ways with their brands; ESPN, NY Times, Fidelity, Bose, Avis and many more.  Bringing that technology innovation to the market is only the first few chapters of our book. To keep up in the race to innovate and stay ahead in serving customers we decided organic product and development, and a strategic partnership was the winning model to lead in the market.

And today, I’m excited to announce Upland Software, a leader in enterprise work management software, has acquired Localytics, to join Upland’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) Cloud.  With the combination of Localytics’ the digital intelligence and mobile engagement platform and Upland Software’s CXM) Cloud, we will give our customers more of what they want:

  1. A bigger and stronger company to accelerate their transformation in digital marketing
  2. A more robust technology platform with intelligence that gets them beyond personalization to delivering the “next best action” for great customer experiences
  3. A broader set of product capabilities from data analytics to customer journey orchestration to delivering full omni-channel engagement
  4. Combined strength in R&D and innovation to help stay one step ahead and continue to improve  strategy
  5. A stronger global team with a 100% customer success culture

Combining Technology Allows Us To Lead in the Market

Localytics strengths are in analytics and digital intelligence. Together, Upland and Localytics will provide the breadth and depth brands need to give your customers reasons to love you more with every interaction/experience.  We bring the data, personalization, and omni-channel engagement capabilities together for meaningful customer experiences.

Depth – Customers get real-time data that goes beyond typical metrics so marketers can get to know their consumers on a personal level to boost campaign performance, prevent churn, and drive conversions. Moving beyond basic user profiles, Localytics can gather detailed behavioral insights and combine that with customer profile data to deliver comprehensive audience definition. We’re on a path to becoming the most intelligent customer experience management cloud on the market.  We help you have conversations that you want and value, with the level of maturity needed to go beyond basic segmentation and personalization to delivering true omni-channel engagement. Deeper data across digital channels and users is just the starting point for us. Our unified behavioral analytics and sentiment analysis deliver insights that drive better campaigns and business decisions.

Breadth – With Upland CXM, we have the breadth of more channels than ever before to engage consumers wherever they are in their journey – from web, email, wallet, Voice, SMS, MMS, RCS, in-app, push, and more. And with broadened channels comes even richer data to fuel our growing intelligence capabilities that enable more personalized customer experience. We can drive deeper personalization by leveraging profile, location, behavior, and sentiment cues from the consumer to anticipate the next best action. Upland’s CXM has valuable data sets like voice of the customer, knowledge management and more to augment rich data and supplement enterprises’ personalization strategies.

Operating at global scale, we provide our customers with unmatched customer experience management solutions, but also add additional value across Upland’s portfolio of enterprise work management solutions including sales and marketing, project and IT management, and document workflow. Upland’s CXM team has helped the largest brands and organizations define the strategy and execution for some of the most sophisticated customer experience programs in the world. Upland’s platform is built on trust, delivering billions of messages for the world’s leading brands while safeguarding the privacy of customers and their consumers’ data.

With the acquisition of Localytics, Upland’s CXM Cloud is expanding the channel reach and personalization capabilities enterprises need to deliver the experiences consumers value across the customer journey.


We know customer experience is important and will remain a top priority for enterprises to differentiate and drive revenue. That’s why we’re hanging our hat on helping brands constantly arrive at the next best action for customer experiences – based on data and intelligence, and then acting on it with personalization and engagement capabilities across the customer journey.

We look forward to our next phase and can’t wait for you to see what’s next. Please reach out to for a conversation, questions or suggestions on how we can support you.

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