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Brands are constantly looking for new ways to reach and engage their users across platforms and through new channels. Web push is a new engagement channel that can help you optimize your omni-channel strategies. How can you know that web push is what you are looking for? To help you envision what web push can do for your organization we’ve outlined the 2 biggest benefits and 3 main use cases.

The benefits include:

  1. Expanding your brand’s reachable audience
  2. Personalizing your omni-channel communications

Use cases include:

  1. Abandoned cart campaigns – re-engaging users
  2. Upselling opportunities – growing ARPU (average revenue per user)
  3. Promotions- combining web and physical stores for improved engagement and retention


Main benefits of web push

Let’s look at the main benefits that web push offers to brands in terms of reaching new audiences and engaging uses with omni-channel campaigns.

Expand your reach and target users across devices

Why is this important? Every brand wants to expand its reach and stay top of mind for its customers in a crowded marketplace.

What’s the current challenge? Customers use a combination of channels for communications including email, chat, and social media, and access them from different devices such as mobile, tablet or desktop. Brands need to be able to reach users across devices and engage them with a consistent communications strategy across channels.

How can web push help? Web push is a new channel that enables you to send push notifications to web users and reach them through a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone*. This allows you to greatly increase your reachable audience, and also re-engage app users who previously opted-out of app push notifications or email.

A good example here is financial services or personal banking brands. Financial services companies tend to use web push for notifications of monthly statements, announcements of new tools and products, promotions for new credit cards, and investment advice. By using web push financial services companies can reach more customers than through app push alone. According to the research on the value of online banking channels in a mobile-centric world, 73% of users globally use online banking once a month, compared to 59% who use mobile banking, which indicated that brands should amplify their reach beyond the mobile app. Additionally, web push experiences higher opt-ins, lower unsubscribe rates and more click-throughs. This means your personalized marketing and engagement efforts can see success across a wider range of channels and devices.

WebPushDouble-2*iOS mobile devices do not currently support web push


Omni-channel personalized communication

Why is this important? Today brands need to engage with customers on a multitude of channels with highly personalized communications, while providing a unified and cohesive experience, regardless of how and when a user interacts with the brand.

What’s the current challenge? According to recent stats, about 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another. This trend indicates that brands need to engage customers with personalized outreach and include consistent messaging and payment methods to be able to provide an integrated omnichannel experience. To achieve this with highly personalized brand engagement has historically been challenging.

How can web push help? Telecommunications (“telco”) is  increasingly entering the digital engagement space as well, and web push is being used to notify customers of billing cycles, update them on where their usage stands that month and to up-sell on more data, promote new streaming content, and to announce new products and offers, i.e. cable bundles or phone upgrades. With 5G poised to soon change the entire telco world, and using web push and app push together to inform customers and subsequently drive loyalty is a stable, strategic approach that has huge growth opportunities. Integrating web push into their multichannel sales strategy enables telco companies to engage current customers with highly targeted communications that improve brand loyalty and decrease churn.


Main use cases of web push

Let’s see how these benefits of web push can be translated into use cases including re-engaging users through abandoned cart campaigns, increasing ARPU (average revenue per user) through upselling, and improving retention with omni-channel promotional activities.


Abandoned cart campaigns

Why is this important? Combating abandoned cart is a huge focus of e-commerce; 28.3% of all e-com revenue comes from effective abandoned cart campaigns that re-convert.

What’s the current challenge? Cart abandonment impacts numerous industries — the average cart abandonment rate is 68%, with over $4.6 trillion globally left in carts each year.

How can web push help? Web push notifications have a higher conversion rate than email as a channel, and notifications sent to fewer than 5,000 subscribers can have an average CTR of 11% or above. With web push, you have more ways to reach abandoned cart users and convert them back to buyers. A user would get a browser notification regarding what they left in their cart, directing the user straight to the checkout page. We suggest adding a special promotion to sweeten the deal.


Upselling opportunities

Why is this important? Upsells are crucial elements to increase ARPU and revenue. Web push allows your upselling campaigns to reach a wider audience. While mobile app usage continues to grow, web browsers comprise 43% of the digital minutes spent across all devices. Combining both app and web push approaches gives you more digital touchpoints, and high-value web pushes increases app retention 3-10x.

What’s the current challenge? Again, you’re competing for time and attention with other brands — both in your industry and outside of it. And when your customer experience is subpar even once or twice, you lose customers, and decreased retention is lost long-term revenue.

How can web push help? Travel app users are traditionally among the most loyal of all users — which makes sense, because “travel” represents getting away to the free time of your own, and people want to be engaged with how their trip unfolds. You can boost that loyalty even further with web push by promoting travel deals, day trips, reminders for add-ons such as rental cars, and sharing blog posts with travel ideas.


Promotions driving online traffic to offline stores

Why is this important?  Customers are more likely to complete their purchases if the brand provides them with all the info they need and guides them with personalized, omni-channel communications throughout the buying process.

What’s the current challenge? Many retail buyers research products online before they make a purchase. Many industries with strong brick-and-mortar store networks need to look for creative ways to nourish existing relationships and enhance customer loyalty by merging the online and offline brand experience.

How can web push help? Web push can help retailers amplify their communications through online channels that allow them to communicate with customers using customized notifications, prompting customers to visit their brick-and-mortar stores with exclusive offers, promotions or discount codes. Retailers can also benefit from web push in personalized communications. Consider offering tailored messages to each user with codes, coupons, sales, and special offers. Using our basket rules methodology, you can also use web push to intelligently recommend new products based on their preferences and previous buying history.



The highlights of web push

Whether you want to amplify your reach, optimize your omni-channel strategies with personalized communications, or re-engage your customers, web push is the solution that will enable you to:

  • Build and maintain engagement outside of your mobile app
  • Expand your reach across devices
  • Personalize your omnichannel communications
  • Combat cart abandonment
  • Increase upsell opportunities


Any questions about web push?

Feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to walk you through exactly how web push can help cement your omnichannel strategy both in terms of acquisition and retention.



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