The 2019 App Marketing Guide Is Here

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If you’ve frequented the Upland Localytics’ blog over the past four years then you know that each new year brings a new app marketing guide to serve as a roadmap for your mobile marketing strategy.


We’ve pulled together the top mobile trends and insights we saw so that you know where to focus your efforts this year as part of your mobile app marketing strategy.


And while you’ll have to check out the app marketing guide for yourself to get the full download, here’s a preview on what we found:

  • App user retention and engagement improved: We outline specifics like three month retention rates in the guide but the good news is that mobile app retention continues to improve as marketers get smarter with their strategies.
  • Personalization: We’ve been harping on personalization for years now and for good reason. It’s the secret sauce to mobile’s success and is making mobile the most important vehicle between businesses and their consumers.
  • Mobile messaging trends: Push notifications and in-app messaging continue to pay off in a big way for those mobile app marketers who use them correctly. In this year’s app marketing guide we talk about how to use these tools effectively and the great results you can expect to see.

Check out the app marketing guide today so that you know where to focus your efforts this year:



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