These 5 Apps Nailed Super Bowl Push Notifications

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Now that the Super Bowl celebrations and another championship Duck Boat parade has come to a close in Boston, it’s time to reflect back on the apps that won the Super Bowl in their own right, with awesome mobile engagement via push notifications. But first, a few cool parade shots from our downtown Boston digs:




We had some of the best views in the city to watch the parade!

Here are our top 5 picks, based on the ones we received:


1. Open Table

This push is both timely and useful, especially for those guys (and gals!) who have a tendency to wait until the last minute to book Valentine’s Day reservations and are left scrambling when everything’s booked up. Despite the Super Bowl being unrelated to their app, Open Table used it as an opportunity to engage with their audience in a meaningful (and helpful) way.Open Table Super Bowl push notification


2. Grub Hub

Another app for foodies, Grub Hub, used the Super Bowl as an opportunity to introduce or remind people about a useful feature: pre-ordering. Sending the push notification the day before the Big Game when people are having the eternal struggle of cook versus order is perfect timing to persuade them towards the ladder. 



GrubHub Super Bowl push notification

3. MIC

Great way to get people to open your push? Answer a question they have. Mic does an excellent job capitalizing on the Super Bowl excitement by providing answers on how to stream the Big Game.

This is a perfect example of an app knowing its audience. Odds are, if you like to consume your news via a mobile device, there’s a good chance that’s how you like to consume other content like TV, too.

MIC Super Bowl push notification


4. Quartz

Another news app that nailed the Super Bowl? Quartz with their breaking news about the historic ending. Their push notification has all of the important information right up front, but is enticing enough for you to want to open and learn about the incredible comeback. Plus? They get major bonus points for using both an emoji and and image in their push.

Quartz Super Bowl push notification

5. The Weather Channel

 If one app on this list gets the top crown, it goes to The Weather Channel for these hilarious geo push notifications. Since their app is utilitarian in nature, it’s more difficult to create engaging and fresh content on a daily basis. But by tapping into their user’s location and tying the weather back to the Super Bowl in a light-hearted manner, The Weather Channel capitalized on two days to uniquely connect with their users. 

Weather Channel Super Bowl day push notification


Weather Channel Super Bowl push notification day after Patriots' win.


Weather Channel Super Bowl Push Notification for day after Falcons' loss.


We’re extra proud because The Weather Channel is one of our great customers, and leading the way in terms of creating meaningful relationships with their users through powerful mobile engagement.


And that’s a wrap on the Super Bowl. Well done to all of these great apps for recognizing that tapping into popular culture presents a unique opportunity to connect with users in a relevant, effective way.

Want to learn more about the technology Weather Channel uses to send geopush? Check this out.

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