Three M&E Brands Doing Personalization Right

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Personalized experiences don’t just happen – they require the right tech, data, and teams to make it possible. For media and entertainment brands, offering a personalized experience for consumers can make or break the customer experience, and help differentiate your organization from another.

Here are just three media and entertainment brands who are finding new and creative ways to personalize their customers’ experiences through mobile marketing and engagement to inspire your personalization strategy.

96.5 KISS FM – an iHeartMedia Station

KISS wanted to boost interactive capabilities for their traditional spots and allow programming and promotions to connect directly with listeners on a personal level. KISS decided to incorporate real-time text messaging, making their stations interactive and real-time.  They flew out to meet directly with their customer success manager to put in place a personalized strategy that delivered campaigns between DJs and listeners to create an interactive radio experience.

KISS brought in more than $1 million in incremental revenue in eight months – a 24 percent increase thanks to text messaging. They have an average of 50,000 text messages sent to their station per month and interact with 83,566 listeners directly, fostering an environment that emphasizes personalization.

Want to learn more? Check out the case study here.


Univision Communications Inc., the leading media organization serving Hispanic America, wanted to serve their community and drive Latino voter engagement through their nonpartisan program Vote For Your America. They had two goals: register 100,000 voters and enlist 100,000 new text subscribers to increase turnout during the 2016 election.

Univision partnered with Upland Mobile Messaging to enhance an innovative text messaging strategy through timely elections updates, personalized voter registration status, and real-time answers to voting-related questions.

Univision achieved 200 percent of registration goals and 160 percent of subscriber goals. The results had an impact on the overall national level, with Univision naming Upland Mobile Messaging as one of the instrumental factors in record Latino voter turnout.

Check out the case study for more insights.

Major US-based Media & Entertainment Company

One broadcasting company sends millions of push notifications monthly but needed to find a way that relevant messages were getting to the right consumers. The company implemented intelligent personalization capabilities, using profile data, behavioral attributes, rich content, and A/B testing.

The network deepened their analytics and insights to build highly focused audience segmentations in order to target their customers more effectively. One example of a segmented market was people who watched one or two episodes of a show, but who hadn’t authenticated with their cable operator (a requirement to be a subscriber) and targeted them with trailers and upcoming episode updates to drive higher subscriptions. As a result of implementing Upland Localytics for their app engagements, the media company experienced an 800 percent lift in conversion rates based on audience segmentation, a 65 percent increase on conversion rates based on A/B testing, rich video previews drove a 9 percent increase in engagement, and a 17 percent lift in incremental video views per user.

Learn more around how they did it by reading this case study.

With the right ideas and the right resources, all media and entertainment brands can be empowered to create a more dynamic, personalized experience across all their channels.

Treat customers as the individuals they are, focus on their interests to provide better recommendations and interact with them on a more personal level.

With Upland’s mobile engagement solutions, media and entertainment brands can consistently find new and engaging ways to connect with their customers.

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