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Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing

New to App Marketing? This one’s for you.

Today, more than ever before, consumers are relying on mobile devices to handle their daily tasks, from reservations to purchases and everything in between. App’s now play a critical role in our lives, and as a result, the market is inundated with millions of them. But how do you get yours to stand out? Cue app marketing.

In this eBook written specifically for people new to app marketing, you’ll learn how to run app marketing campaigns that increase engagement, ROI, and lifetime value.

Here’s what’s inside!

  • The new definition of “app marketing” in 2017
  • How to harness your analytics to inform better campaigns
  • The key to acquisition, engagement, personalization, and retention.
  • Real-world examples of effective push and in-app messaging
  • Which metrics to measure and how to improve over time

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