Localytics Launches Stages of Personalization Report and Personalization Performance Calculator to Help Brands Deliver More Targeted, Meaningful Mobile Experiences

April 3, 2019 3 minute read

Upland Admin

BOSTON, April 3, 2019: Localytics, the leading end-to-end mobile engagement platform, today announced the launch of its Stages of Personalization report and Personalization Performance Calculator to help brands better understand the sophistication level and impact of their mobile personalization efforts. With the Personalization Performance Calculator, enterprises can test how different combinations of personalization methods impact message performance and discover new techniques to deliver more effective mobile messages.

Through the creation of the Stages of Personalization report, Localytics is capitalizing on the company’s extensive data set to assess the inherent benefits of moving through the stages of personalization in terms of increased open rates and impressive conversion rates. The report was created through an analysis of 23 billion push notifications sent by Localytics customers in 2018.

“Many brands, as well as technology vendors, treat personalization like it’s a black and white concept – a message is either personalized or it isn’t. Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Stephen Mello, Localytics’ VP of Product and Strategy. “At Localytics we have found that the combination of audience, message and timing is what drives a truly personalized mobile experience. The key for companies is to strike a balance across each of these elements to create truly engaging personalization on a consumer-by-consumer basis and our Personalization Performance Calculator can help.”

Moving through the Stages of Personalization Drives Strong Business Results:

  • When customers move from Stage 1 to Stage 2 they experience an increase of 6% open rate and an increase of 48% conversion rate.
  • When customers move from Stage 2 to Stage 3 they experience an increase of 43% open rate and an increase of 31% conversion rate.

Four Stages of Personalization:

  • Beginner (Stage 1): Brands usually start out broadcasting their campaigns, meaning every customer receives the same message. Messages in this stage are similar to billboards, as the message is shown to every possible recipient and it isn’t personalized for the viewer in any way. Many brands like broadcast messages because they are efficient – a large number of customers can be reached with minimal effort.
  • Intermediate (Stage 2): In Stage 2, there’s a dramatic change as brands almost completely abandon broadcast messages and start to take their first steps in delivering a personalized mobile experience by using an Audience for almost every message they send. In Stage 2, the Audiences tend to only use one type of data. Some brands in Stage 2 build their Audiences using only Profile data, while other brands use only Behavioral data.
  • Advanced (Stage 3): After working through profile-only and behavior-only targeting, customers reach a point of mastery in one of two methodologies:
    • The Dynamic Content Methodology – A profile heavy strategy where 3 profile attributes is the norm and around one in five campaigns utilize dynamic content through Liquid personalization capabilities (19%).
    • The Combination Methodology – A powerful mix of Behavioral/Profile targeting (72% of campaigns) and A/B testing (30%).
  • Expert (Stage 4): In Stage 4, brands fully embrace Profile + Behavioral Audiences as well as the use of dynamic content through Liquid personalization. In addition, brands in Stage 4 make prodigious use of triggered and location-based messaging, not to mention continued use of A/B testing. All of these factors combine to deliver a potent personalized mobile experience that sets these brands apart from its competition.

In conjunction with the release of the Personalization Performance Calculator, Localytics also launched The Stages of Personalization eBook, which gives readers an in-depth look at how the four stages of personalization can work for any brand.

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